Alison Bomber


Songs and Singing

Singing is an incredibly good way to develop and free your voice.

Singing together is a strong bonding experience. It also encourages

listening and cooperation within a group.  


A song workshop can be a great icebreaker or relaxation session for conferences.

It can really help to build an ensemble, whether in business or theatre groups.

It's a fantastic way to liven up a party, or to entertain guests at a wedding - perhaps while the wedding party are busy with the photographs.

As a singing leader, I run workshops for all kinds of groups, sharing songs from around the world. No previous musical training is required for these sessions at all. I believe strongly in the values of the Natural Voice Network:

- singing is everyone's birthright

- everyone can sing

- teaching should encourage and include everyone, of whatever musical ability


As a voice coach, I can work with you to prepare your voice and/or specific songs for performance at whatever level.

Do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Wedding Singing Session

A friend is someone who knows

the song in your heart,

and who can sing it back to you

when you have forgotten the words.