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Alison Bomber


Voice and Text Coaching


The human voice is a fantastically flexible, responsive, dynamic instrument. It is capable of an almost infinite variety of expression. It's so sad that many of us get shut off from the joy of using our voices freely, whether because of our own physical or mental tensions, or because of external pressures. Developing the voice can involve a very personal, sensitive journey, so I try to work always from a place of positive, playful curiosity, without judgement, to share the journey.

We can work to release the full potential of your voice; to discover deep, calming, easy breathing; to give you confidence in your vocal presence in the world; and free you to speak with clarity and strength straight from the heart.  


With seven years experience working as Senior Text and Voice Coach with the Royal Shakespeare Company, my greatest joy lies in bringing words to life as they are spoken. We can be fearful of complex language, or poetical thoughts, but in a society where 'soundbite'-size statements reduce everything to limited, black-or-white simplifications we need, more than ever, to try to express ourselves fully and clearly.

We can work on specific text you need to deliver (for work presentations; speeches or poems for weddings or other events; or - for actors - preparation for a role), or you might wish to build your confidence as a speaker by working with a range of texts - poetry, soliloquies or great political speeches - to explore the joy of brilliant writing in a whole new way... out loud.


I offer both group workshops and one-to-one sessions. The work will always be tailored to your specific requirements, so do get in touch to discuss what you are looking for. 

Double meanings I enjoy:


the moment an idea strikes and the act of drawing breath to speak


the extra layers of meaning within a word and the sound qualities of a voice

Act mindfully. Accept entirely. Move strongly. Think softly. Speak beautifully. Live simply. Love completely.