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Alison Bomber


Welcome to a world of words.    

I'm a passionate WordPlayer.

I love words, and their endless capacity to inform, persuade, amuse, amaze, excite and inspire.

In a society where words are being squeezed from every direction -

re-spelled so that they can be texted more quickly; edited into over-simplifications so that they can be tweeted; mangled and abused by politicians and the media to confuse and mislead us - I am, more than ever, convinced of the need for us to keep rediscovering, exploring and playing with the power, precision and pleasure of words.

In my work as a Text and Voice coach, I love to help actors and others find the deep connection between voice and words, so that what you say and how you say it will really make an impact.

As a singer and coach, I love to share words and music, giving people the confidence to experience the joy of raising their voices together - sharing good vibrations.

As an artist, I take inspiration from words, quotations or poetry that I love

to create cards, collages and collections which bring them to fresh life.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi